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Local Online News: Still Up for Grabs

The online news space is getting crowded. Maybe it’s time to start throwing some elbows? Digital marketing dollars of most small business, are still up for grabs. When you take these tiny but high volumes of mom & pop budgets, and combine them with the ‘asleep at the wheel’ efforts of traditional media, you can see why Reach …

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Can Local Media Attract Small Business?

It’s a fact. Local advertisers are moving more of their marketing dollars….to online. Understandably, sales reps for newspapers, radio and the Yellow Pages are not amused. While revenues are dropping at traditional media properties, they’re actually growing at digital-first companies that focus on helping the local advertiser. Have ya noticed? Pink slips and lay-offs happen …

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Potts, Jarvis, CUNY. Hyper Local Revenue?

Back in 2009, J-school professor; Jeff Jarvis, and Mark Potts of BackFence fame asked me to contribute some online sales expertise to their ongoing research in hyper-local business models for news. These meetings, held at CUNY; (City University of New York) were chock full of academics, journalists, investment and editorial execs. As the lone Internet revenue …

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Hyper-Local gets Hyper-Competitive

Hyper local networks are popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, most struggle due to lack of cash flow and profitability. While their content and editorial oversight are quite strong, most lack sales and revenue expertise. This critical shortcoming allows other players to potentially take advantage, and swoop in with their own network that comes complete with a …

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AOL PATCH: Hyper-Local Sales a Priority

Patch; AOL’s bet on hyper-local news, is now executing the next phase of their highly anticipated roll-out. Many markets have reported recruiter inquiries, private meetings, and attempted poaching of traditional newsrooms. Some local bloggers are saying ‘no thanks’, while others are accepting the (reportedly) mediocre offers. The employment boards are brimming with Patch job posts looking for editors, regional publishers and …

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