The Massive Fail of Growing Facebook Fans

Still think Facebook is the ultimate marketing tool? So do many others that were lured into the bait n switch world of Mark Zuckerberg. It's fast, easy and free. What's not to like? Well for one thing, even though it's free, a typical Facebook post is seen by less than 20% of followers. Ouch. Want it seen by more? You' ll have to pay for that privilege. To be sure, we still think you should leverage Facebook and other social media to grow your own traffic & email list. It's best to take advantage of Facebook, rather than Facebook taking advantage of you. Placing all your marketing eggs in that one basket called Facebook, is recipe for disaster. So, why do most Newspaper, TV and … [Read more...]

Tribune WGN in Chicago. Web Sales Fail.

Selling premium online ad inventory for pennies. That's something still happening at many local Newspaper, TV & Radio station websites. With all the advanced ad inventory systems available today, we scratch our head when we still see dumb inventory management. Even though we love that they use WordPress as a CMS, Tribune & WGN-TV in Chicago is still in our digital doghouse....because they break most of our golden rules of online revenue & sales. WATCH VIDEO. … [Read more...]

RIP Digital First Media. WordPress to the Rescue.

John Paton and the really smart editorial/content crew at Digital First Media gave it a good shot. A really good shot. That was still not enough. (WATCH VIDEO) The private equity ( Alden Global Capital ) backed media company couldn't hang any longer. Mr. Paton was forced to send out pink slips. He's now prepping  to sell off the newspapers. That fact brings us no joy. Lot's of good people there. To this day, too many local newspaper & broadcast companies still delegate the critical task of creating sustainable, digital revenue models to those with little or no background in sales or new business development. I don't make many newsroom friends when I state that simple fact. But it's … [Read more...]

WordPress: Save Money. Make Money

Most local media companies still rely on expensive & proprietary CMS; Content Management Systems, for their digital content. Recently, CBS & Tribune smartly made the switch to WordPress. As Newspaper, TV and Radio see their local share of online revenue continue to slide, it's even more important to cut expenses to the bone without hurting digital operations, and possibly beef up it's content creation on the cheap. WordPress is an open source, content management system. It's now 10 years old and already powers over 20% of the Internet. 69% of WordPress users are using it as a fully-fledged CMS, as opposed to just a simple blogging platform. Why do we talk about WordPress so … [Read more...]

Local Newspaper & TV Still Use Failing CPM Model

Some (too many) local news sites are still practicing outdated methods of pricing their ad inventory. Specifically, the CPM or cost per thousand model of online pricing. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted this crisis via the explosion of news sites and the Ad inventory contained within, along with automated ad exchanges that promote commodity pricing. We still scratch our heads as to why most Newspaper conferences and big name consultants avoid these discussions. To date, those in charge at many TV, Radio & Newspaper companies don't even have this stuff on their radar. From American Press Institute website: “Ad buyers and industry executives say the … [Read more...]