Political Cartoons for the Digital Age

Poking fun and keeping them honest. That’s what Newspapers used to do with local politicians. Some call it watchdog journalism or doing your civic duty. But over time, local media companies lost their backbone for this kind of story telling. Not only have these TV, Radio & Newspapers lost their journalist mojo, they lost a big chunk of their readers, viewers, listeners & advertisers too. Good thing this inter-web thing came along.

Hyper-local news and info is more popular than ever, just in a different form with a new breed of local media moguls gaining control.

Here’s the BrigantineNOW.com version of an editorial cartoon for the digital age, poking fun at the candidates for Brigantine NJ political office……courtesy of Jib Jab.


3 Become 1. Philly.com Swallows Internal Competition

The ‘too smart for their britches’ folk at the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News & Philly.com finally did the inevitable. They stopped competing with themselves.

From their newsroom: The websites for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News will be shuttered in December, with Philly.com becoming the sole location for the company’s digital products. The changes were outlined in an email to all employees of parent company Interstate General Media.

“In December, we will fold the Inquirer.com and PhillyDailyNews.com sites back into Philly.com, our flagship digital brand,” the memorandum said. “What this means is that the standalone newspaper-branded sites will no longer exist and will instead redirect readers to Philly.com, where users will find Inquirer and Daily News journalism featured more prominently and have access to branded Inquirer and Daily News section fronts that represent the editorial voice and judgment of the newspapers.”


Info-graphics. Local News Simplified.

We love info-graphics. This visual story telling is a great way to explain a complex idea, concept or piece of journalism through the use of imagery, graphics and short n’ sweet headlines. Did we need to hire a graphic designer? Nope. All that was needed was a few bucks to purchase a WordPress plug-in to make that task downright easy.

When do we use info-graphics? Mainly when the story becomes bulky with lots of key elements. For example, a Brigantine, N.J., Councilman has been accused of some cagey Real Estate & tax dealings. Click to see our use of info-graphics in this particular case.

See BrigantineNOW.com use of Info-Graphics

info graphic

How to Cover City Hall in your Underwear

Painful. Covering City Hall and council meetings for your local news organization is almost a fate worse than death. Good thing this Inter-web thingy came along.

Now I can catch all the excitement, corruption, boredom, lunacy and money-wasting, right from the comfort of my own home. Even in my underwear if I so desire.

  • Step#1  Grab the live, streaming feed of the council meeting….and press record.
  • Step#2  Extract cringe-worthy segments for all taxpayers to enjoy, on-demand, forever.

Watch this wonderful exhibition: Public officials tap dancing around website security…. for the Brigantine Beach, NJ Municipal website.

Digital Diagnostic: WCPO TV Website in Cincinatti

WCPO Television in Cincinnati erected a pay wall in front of their web content earlier this year. Is it working out as planned? Well, that a closely guarded secret so far. As you may know, www.GetSmartDigital.com is not a fan of charging for ‘borderline commodity’ content. Wall Street Journal…yes. Local news…no.

But on occasion, we love when Newspaper and TV companies use pay walls on their website. Specifically, we smile big when our competitors use them. 

On the WCPO upside…we really some of the online revenue programs and sales tactics that the EW Scripps folks are deploying on www.WCPO.com.

Let’s do a quick 10 minute DIGITAL DIAGNOSTIC…