Online Disruption: Local Media Screwed?

Not so long ago, small business was at the mercy of Newspaper, TV & Radio. If you needed to advertise your Italian restaurant or car dealership, you had to call the big media players in town. Often, they played the role of Tony Soprano (or Nucky Thompson if you watch Boardwalk Empire on HBO). They …

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Political Cartoons for the Digital Age

Poking fun and keeping them honest. That’s what Newspapers used to do with local politicians. Some call it watchdog journalism or doing your civic duty. But over time, local media companies lost their backbone for this kind of story telling. Not only have these TV, Radio & Newspapers lost their journalist mojo, they lost a …

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3 Become 1. Swallows Internal Competition

The ‘too smart for their britches’ folk at the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News & finally did the inevitable. They stopped competing with themselves. From their newsroom: The websites for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News will be shuttered in December, with becoming the sole location for the company’s digital products. The changes …

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How to Sell Online Inventory. CPM or Flat Fee?

How to price ads for online news sites: Flat fee or CPM?”>How to price ads for online news sites: Flat fee or CPM? How to Sell Online Inventory. CPM, Cost per thousand, or Flat Fee?

Web 101 for Local Business Workshops

About Get Smart Digital

Frustrated by digital growth? So were we. That’s why we started Get Smart Digital. We’re all about local, online sales strategy…..that works NOW…..not sometime in the future. We’re known for blunt, yet highly effective methods that push you to run your website as a ‘profit-first’ business. First, we remove common choke-points that stunt your digital growth. Then we …

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Texas School of Journalism. How to Sell Newspaper Websites.

Let’s go back a bit to see if some of these training videos are still relevant. We did these in 2011, when we worked with TCU; Texas Center for Community Journalism.  Stop calling your online Newspaper….”the web”.  How to approach skeptical advertisers who may be uncomfortable with digital advertising in general,  or specifically your Website. Why …

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A Digital Sale is Made on Every Call

When a local advertiser tells you they’re not interested in web advertising or digital marketing…and you walk away….that’s a sale. They ‘sold’ you on the fact that the Internet is not important to their business. When the Publisher or GM convinces you that a paywall is good for your news site, that’s a sale. They ‘sold you’ …

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Moneyball: Fixing Newspaper Web Sales

Traditional Newspaper management is just like the old guard in Baseball. That’s what you’ll think after watching Moneyball starring Brad Pitt as Oakland A’s general manager; Billy Beane. Based on a true story, Moneyball shows Beane going up against his old school, know-it-all, front office. He’s tired of being in last place and squeaking by …

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Even New York Times Admits Digital Deliquency

Don’t feel so bad about your website. Even the New York Times admits that their digital business model & execution is seriously lacking. That’s according to this infamous ‘leaked’ report that documents the paper’s struggle to embrace and succeed at online publishing. None of this stuff is a surprise. To us anyway. Secretly, those inside many local …

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Local Newspaper & TV Still Use Failing CPM Model

Some (too many) local news sites are still practicing outdated methods of pricing their ad inventory. Specifically, the CPM or cost per thousand model of online pricing. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted this crisis via the explosion of news sites and the Ad inventory contained within, along with automated ad exchanges …

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