Radio, WordPress & Hyper-Local News

Most Radio station websites are a mess. Useless content and chaos, and they leave a butt load of money on the table. With Newspapers bleeding readers and revenue, Radio…..especially LIVE news & talk Radio, can literally fill that void left behind by the once mighty local Newspaper. WordPress is one of the best tools, if …

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Radio Declines While Podcasting & Streaming Grow.

CBS Corp. is poised to exit the Radio business….The company is exploring a sale or spin-off, of its entire radio division. The decision marks the end of an era and highlights the waning influence of commercial radio, which is no longer considered a growth industry. Young adults spend more time listening to digital music files, …

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The Re-Invention of Newspaper, TV & Radio Journalism

Re-inventing the Newspaper. Why? Because it’s not journalism that’s dead,. Rather, it’s the print platform that’s on it’s last legs. What business are you in?  Radio? TV? Newspaper? Watch this video from 2009 from Michael Rosenblum. Most of what Mike shares, still holds true today.

Traditional Radio Declines by 16%. Internet Radio Up 39%.

According to Standard Media Index’s latest data, Digital advertising for January 2016 was up 3 points for a total of 27% of all spending. Internet Radio increased a whopping 39% over 2015. SMI saw investment in video sites increase 39% and social media sites were up 56%. Traditional radio advertising was lower in January and …

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Newspaper, TV & Radio Disrupted by Fast Moving WordPress

WordPress on a tear. Local TV, Radio and Newspapers are taking notice. Well, at least the smarts ones are. To date, this open-source platform called WordPress has been adopted and endorsed by most CBS Broadcast properties, as well as divisions within The New York Times, People Magazine and other media orgs with brains and a …

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How Can Radio Win Online ?

Radio is being pressured by Wall Street to build online revenue. You read it in the Wall Street Journal and the industry trades. Layoffs, downsizing, automation of stations. Hard to believe that local ‘news’ stations don’t even have their own basic ‘news’ department. (they just read old news from the newspapers) With that in mind….Newspaper websites have been seriously …

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Can Radio Re-Invent for Hyper-Local Web Sales?

Every so often, you have to re-invent yourself. When you’re a Radio DJ with a goofy mullet haircut, it’s even more important to change. (especially if you’re hanging with hair bands) If we’re smart, we re-invent voluntarily…on our own terms. Too often though, we’re forced to. This thing called the ‘hyperlocal web revolution’ is one such …

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Online Disruption: Local Media Screwed?

Not so long ago, small business was at the mercy of Newspaper, TV & Radio. If you needed to advertise your Italian restaurant or car dealership, you had to call the big media players in town. Often, they played the role of Tony Soprano (or Nucky Thompson if you watch Boardwalk Empire on HBO). They …

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Mel Taylor WPG RADIO OCT 5 2015

Mel Taylor and WPG Townsquare Media in Atlantic City

Local Radio listeners in Atlantic City and South Jersey heard some good news this week. WPG 1450 News/Talk Radio added more local programming & news coverage to it’s on-air line-up. Broadcasting, Newspaper & Internet veteran Mel Taylor teamed up with WPG and it’s parent company; Townsquare Media. Boasting a 25+ year career in Philly/South Jersey …

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Borrell: Radio Will Die Without Digital and Local Promotions

Radio guru Gordon Borrell was asked in Media Life Magazine: Do you see radio’s share of local ad spending rising or falling over the next five years? The next ten? Why? Borrell responded: Radio as we know it will continue to lose market share until it’s nearly gone entirely. I’d give it 15 years, when …

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