Moneyball: Fixing Newspaper Web Sales

Traditional Newspaper management is just like the old guard in Baseball. That’s what you’ll think after watching Moneyball starring Brad Pitt as Oakland A’s general manager; Billy Beane. Based on a true story, Moneyball shows Beane going up against his old school, know-it-all, front office. He’s tired of being in last place and squeaking by …

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Newspaper’s Digital Competition

How Newspaper Can Beat Digital Competition. UPDATED for Oct 2011. Slide deck from this week’s webinar. Some competitors are familiar, others are not. Featured topics: Centro: Friend or Foe? Philly.com gets crushed on Mainline by indie website; AroundMainline.com Huffington Post and their aggregation model to trump Patch model? Patch President; Warren Webster, qualified to talk revenue? CPM …

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Remnant Ad Nets; Auto Pilot for Sales

Remnant ad networks can be a deadly revenue stream for local media. It’s understandable that broadcast, newspaper and hyper-local websites love these money makers for their ability to put local sales efforts on auto-pilot. Unfortunately, 3rd party selling can turn your valuable ad inventory into a commodity that’s priced and traded in bulk with little …

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Local Media…The Digital Land Grab.

WE ARE SPARTANS ! So goes the battle cry from the movie….. ‘300’. Spartans are a proud people protecting their land and way of life from the incoming Persians. Do I smell a historical analogy coming on ? The Spartans: Local TV, Radio and Newspaper properties. They’ve had a very nice run for the past 50 to …

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