Inland Press; Patch & Hyper Local

On March 18, Inland Press responded once again to the newspaper industry's interest in hyper local competition and the growth of Patch. They invited me to do an encore of the session that was originally presented in St. Petersburg, Florida a few weeks ago, at the Key Executives conference. See presentation below. Attendees heard our message loud and clear. Run your website like your newspaper....profit must come first. Key take-aways that seemed to resonate the most: Whoever acts as Web general manager, VP Interactive/content, editor, etc....must have their compensation tied to digital profitability and local market share....NOT page views or other soft metrics. CPM selling at … [Read more...]

CUNY Hyper-Local Online Revenue

Jeff Jarvis held a hyper-local, mini-camp at the Graduate School of Journalism in NYC on Nov. 11, 2009. It was called: The  New Business Models for News  conference. I was invited to do a session focused on helping hyper-local web publishers, build realistic business models in order to grow revenue. Here's the actual presentation: cuny preso 1.10FINAL … [Read more...]