Revenue: Online Community Journalism

TCU in Fort Worth recently played host to an excellent journalism workshop focused on helping community newspapers turn a profit with their websites. I was invited to speak to this gathering of highly engaged newspaper execs. The 30 participants in this 3 day workshop represented a variety of local newspapers throughout Texas. They were all  committed to building sustainable business models for their digital news efforts. Tommy Thomason; program director of TCU's Texas Center for Community Journalism, is doing an amazing job with this series of workshops. With funding from the Texas Newspaper Foundation, attendees get intensive, non-stop training and development that really stands out … [Read more...]

Help Teens Avoid Facebook Mistakes

Here's my latest keynote session and workshop devoted to helping parents, teachers and employers better understand the Internet usage of young adults. What Kids Don't Want U 2 Know About Facebook … [Read more...]

Local Media Eco-Systems

Local news & info sites need more than just a banner sales strategy. While display ads are still a major part of online advertising, they'll certainly not be the cash cow you hoped for. Instead, consider a variety of other revenue streams, like Local News Incubators, to quickly move to sustainability. Counter-intuitively, some of the best revenue producers are offline. Here's a graphical look at the business plan we developed, and are deploying in a mid-size market. This road map uses proven tactics that are already working independently, in many markets. We're rolling this out in measured increments, not all at once. This allows for ability to build a solid foundation, prior to … [Read more...]

7 Habits of Profitable, Hyper Local News

Still no sustainable business model for online news? That's crazy talk. We love reading about online editorial success and greater activity in the hyper-local space. Yet most of these reports feature vague remarks about revenue plans still being explored and the perplexing challenge of finding a way to pay the newsroom bills. CUNY's Jeff Jarvis, NYU's Jay Rosen & other veteran journos have been trying to crack the business model code for quite some time now. These entrepreneurial endeavors are well intentioned as they seek  to support the emerging legion of news sites that may one day replace traditional newspapers. Seasoned educators like Jeff and Jay used their editorial … [Read more...]