Radio Websites, a Hyper Local Opportunity?

Warning: If you have responsibility of managing the station website and you think web sales is un-appealing, or just not worth the time and effort……you may not want the big boss to read this! Can Radio get into the hyper-local, and online news business? That all depends if they run their online assets as a business, rather than a hobby. Can they move from old school tactics like mascots and remotes, to offering local business owners a portfolio of online solutions they are clamoring for? Radio purists, Broadcast vets, Wall Street and even hardcore music geeks agree on one simple fact: without profit to pay the bills, there’s no programming excellence. So when it comes to the Radio … [Read more...]

Web Revenue 101 for Weekly Newspapers

Below is my latest presentation from the New York Press Association's Spring Conference. This well-attended event was held in beautiful Saratoga, NY on March 27, 2010.  It was great to see the room filled with many publishers & editorial staff...and not just sellers.  As we strongly urge: when your newsroom, programming & marketing folk understand basic online business models......they're more likely to help create profitable websites. Web Revenue for Weekly Newspapers 2010 … [Read more...]

CUNY Hyper-Local Online Revenue

Jeff Jarvis held a hyper-local, mini-camp at the Graduate School of Journalism in NYC on Nov. 11, 2009. It was called: The  New Business Models for News  conference. I was invited to do a session focused on helping hyper-local web publishers, build realistic business models in order to grow revenue. Here's the actual presentation: cuny preso 1.10FINAL … [Read more...]

Local Dilemma: Integrate or Separate?

Your print & web folks...side by the newsroom; the integrated newsroom. Forward thinking newspapers are evolving into multi-media news organizations; where print employees are mandated to see web as equally important as print.....and in some cases, MORE important than print. Does the print ad director sit next to the web sales manager? What is the bonus/commission structure like? How many reps sell web only? How many sell both print and web? How do they avoid sales cannibalization and in-fighting? How do they push more than just convergence up-sell packages? This is the stuff that can get really hairy at local media companies; building new revenue and sales … [Read more...]