Shit Hitting Fan for Local Media

The shit is really starting to hit the fan for local media. This time, with more shit and a more powerful fan. Newspaper, Radio & TV managers are in a heightened state of panic due to their lack of digital revenue success. Pink slips are flying, private equity is taking over, and being a digital …

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Moneyball: Fixing Newspaper Web Sales

Traditional Newspaper management is just like the old guard in Baseball. That’s what you’ll think after watching Moneyball starring Brad Pitt as Oakland A’s general manager; Billy Beane. Based on a true story, Moneyball shows Beane going up against his old school, know-it-all, front office. He’s tired of being in last place and squeaking by …

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Local Online News: Still Up for Grabs

The online news space is getting crowded. Maybe it’s time to start throwing some elbows? Digital marketing dollars of most small business, are still up for grabs. When you take these tiny but high volumes of mom & pop budgets, and combine them with the ‘asleep at the wheel’ efforts of traditional media, you can see why Reach …

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Valuation of Digital Assets. Inland Press

Local online news & info is about to enter it’s next phase. Newspaper, TV, Radio and hyper local operators can no longer run digital with their fingers crossed. Having editorial execs drive the digital bus by themselves is now seen as a recipe for financial pain and loss. Every part of the business is now up for …

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INMA Audience Summit; Mel Taylor PPT

Here’s my presentation deck from the INMA Audience Summit, Las Vegas, Oct. 24, 2011. Session was called: State of Circulation; Monetizing the Online Audience . Special thanks to Earl Wilkinson, John Newby and everyone who gathered for this outstanding event. Mel Taylor INMA Vegas 10.24.11

NYT Profit, Internet and Documentary

The New York Times Company recently announced a quarterly profit. How they got there wasn’t pretty but who cares, right? In what could be viewed as the new normal for Newspapers and other local media companies, the Old Grey Lady deftly leverages the Internet and digital subscriptions, along with maneuvers involving myriad assets, financial charges …

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Digital Diagnostic for Radio Websites

Can Radio beat Newspaper in the online news space? Here’s part 1 of last week’s webinar we did for a group of Radio executives. Merlin Media and Genesis Communications are featured in this session. We focus on the issues affecting Radio’s ability to build sustainable, online business models.

Hyper Local Business Models for News Media

What’s the best business model for a newspaper, broadcast or hyper local news site? What if the answer was as simple as running your website like a real business, with a profit-first strategy? This kind of talk flies right in the face of those who preach entrepreneurial journalism and editorial first strategies. We know that’s either …

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Online Video for Local News

Publishers & Owners: Demand Web ROI

Here’s a peek at the latest keynote speech I’m preparing to deliver. Each year, we throw capital and manpower at the insatiable beast known as the Internet. Usually with crappy results. We’re now forced to take a much closer look at the digital ROI of our newspapers, management teams, and the feasibility of some questionable, …

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Key Executive Multi-Media; Patch

Just got back from the Multimedia Key Executives Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. It was a record breaker as the SNA, Inland Press and SNPA joined forces to create this ‘must attend’ event of the season. Close to 500 attendees from the newspaper industry gathered for 3 days where digital was a top priority. The …

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