Digital Training & Coaching

Why Get Smart Digital Training? We’re Proven. Convenient. Cost effective. We’ll turn your staff into multi-platform, Internet-savvy professionals

> Position your operation to grow share of online revenue
> A real-world and proven system, fine-tuned over past 10 years
> Developed by Newspaper, Broadcast & Online-only sale leaders
> On-demand training library & free, live webinars

Platform & Curriculum:

> Corporate, in-house training
> Individual Newspaper use
> Schools and Universities
> Newspaper and other media organizations

Reduction of travel costs. As much as 40 cents of every dollar spent on in-person training goes to travel and lodging costs. Those and other fixed expenses are avoided entirely when Web-based training replaces classroom instruction. The result is dramatically lower costs per-person trained. That fact alone often justifies mixing online training with in-person training.

Convenience & Flexibility. Busy employees can participate in training on their laptops at time and locations convenient to them. Live webinar videos are recorded and archived for on-demand viewing by employees, including new hires and customers. This content is available on-demand.

Increased retention and comprehension. Our digital training videos have high-production value. These compelling 10 minutes clips are presented in bite-sized chunks to make for easy viewing & comprehension. Most clips are followed by an interactive quiz in order to the test the effectiveness of the session.

Ease of reporting and analysis. Publishers have option to track employees progress and success rate. This is useful for employee evaluation, as well as compliance and other mandatory training.

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