The Risk of Using Facebook & Twitter to Promote Your Business

There are plenty of hidden costs and risks in using Facebook & Twitter to promote your business.

Local business, TV, Radio and Newspapers are placing big bets on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They hope that ‘fishing’ for audiences outside their owned sites will eventually pay off in new readers and advertising. As with any bet, though, it’s still a gamble. Ultimately, the payoff in audience and ad dollars is uncertain. Plus, fishing expeditions are hardly free.

“Increasingly, this is becoming more expensive,” said Brian Fitzgerald, co-founder and president of Evolve Media. “To properly leverage platforms a publisher needs to carefully analyze which platform performs best for which audiences and content verticals.

Teams need to produce platform specific content and actively optimize posts within each platform to drive maximum likes, shares, views, reach and inbound traffic back to our properties.

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