2012 CNPA Press Summit; Profit First Websites

  • The CNPA; California Newspaper Publishers Association, wrapped up another fine conference. San Jose was the place, right there in Silicon Valley. It was a perfect location due to the influence of digital through-out the 3 day event.

Here’s the presentation deck I used: Run Your Website as a Profit-First Business. Sometimes I call this: Profit-First is Better than Digital-First. There’s alot of new stuff in here, as I always keep updating it.

Some items that I place even more focus on:

  • Newspaper has a special ‘bond’ with local advertisers? NOPE. All that business owners care about…. is sales.
  • Boasting about web revenue growth..using percentages…is total BS.  A financial analyst will laugh you out of the room.
  • Many Publishers are lazy. They still delegate digital revenue to a SALARIED exec. That’s just idiotic.
  • VP’s of Digital hire commission-only, outside consultants to HARD CLOSE local clients. Really dumb.
  • News organizations & groups run by those with little or no digital sales background.
  • Many big name CEO’s, consultants and pundits still hiding financial health of digital efforts.
  • The CMS ( content management system ) is critical part of web sales. If it’s tough & expensive to use, dump it. Use WordPress instead.

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