2012 NAB & RAB Radio Show Recap

The 2012 NAB Radio Show in Dallas featured a not-so-secret, secret meeting about digital strategy. This was in addition to the many award ceremonies. Photo ops, cocktail parties, and not-so-super, super sessions were also on the menu.

But the BIG story in Dallas….was this ‘not so secret’ gathering of broadcasters who decided to spend an entire day, holed up in a conference room. They endured a cattle call of Internet pitches from geeky researchers, web-heads and old school consultants. Fake noses, sunglasses and hoodies were available by request.

What was so secret about this meeting? Good question. The attendees must have thought that this ‘secret meeting’ was so gonna be so awesome. They even blew off  the actual NAB Radio show sessions for that day. They hoped the secret formula for Radio & online revenue success… was going to be revealed that day.


Watch this short video to see our review / roast of this ‘not so secret…secret meeting’ at the NAB Radio Show in Dallas.

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