2012 America East Newspaper Conference in Hershey

The America East Newspaper Conference in Hershey, Pa., starts on Monday, March 12. With online revenue, web strategy and digital-first discussion being a hot topic, I’m looking forward to doing a must-attend session there.

‘For Publishers Only’ is a session that will likely upset some, but will be incredibly valuable to anyone with a financial stake in their publication’s online success. Publishers, owners, CFO’s and private equity investors will watch as we call out the 800 lb. elephant in the room: Why don’t we run digital like print; where profit and simple business tactics always come first?

America East attendees of this session will learn:  

  • How & why private equity firms are depressing your newspaper’s valuation
  • How to place valuation on your digital assets
  • How to reduce costs of overall operations via digital
  • Determine if person in charge of digital, is qualified to reach online profitability
  • Staffing best practices; why separate digital sales teams are recipe for disaster
  • How CPM & 3rd party sales efforts are harmful to your business
  • Best practices of online inventory & digital yield management

Here’s a short video clip from the 2009 America East conference. I interviewed video journalist pioneer; Michael Rosenblum, about the future of newspaper and online news. Has newspaper progressed much since this video was shot 3 years ago?

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