Risk from Over Reliance on Facebook & Twitter

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For many years, Facebook was a very good option for small & midsize businesses to use as a website replacement. Today, FB is now a ‘paid’ model. Business owners can develop and grow an audience, but they only reach about 10% of their followers. To reach more, FB wants you to pay & BOOST that post.

There is a real & growing fear that Facebook no longer “works” as a freebie ad platform. Another problem: If can want to leave Facebook, you can’t take your business Facebook page with you.

While the Facebook page may be a good starter plan for a web presence, a website is still the most effective route to take.


Imagine leasing a space from a shared office space. It’s great for an easy start, but as you grow, you’ll need your own space.

Probably not. If a business is not happy with their domain registrar or hosting platform, they have the ability to migrate their website. This will probably not be the case if they’re on FB, even if other social platforms have a similar product. Also, the level of customization for a FB page will be limited compared to what can be done with a stand-alone website.

There is risk from heavy reliance on third party platforms like Twitter & Facebook.

Why? Because the publisher of unique content has no control over what a Facebook or Twitter will do with their platform. When a content provider (you) attracts more traffic & eyeballs outside of it’s own site, email or other private platform,  it becomes highly vulnerable to changes that the third party might make to its distribution mechanism. As long as publishers’ and distributors’ interests are aligned, everything’s fine. But who can guarantee such harmony will last?

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