Toxic Move from Radio to Internet

From AUG 2008 – In the 80′s and 90′s, I was a Philly Radio DJ called Mel Toxic, working at stations like WYSP, WDRE, WPST, WKDU, and WIFI. As a native Philadelphian, being on the air here was a dream come true. Working on the same team as Stern & Debella at WYSP, or being a part of the exploding alternative scene with the folks at WDRE, were some of many incredible experiences I had in Radio.

Why did I leave Radio and move into web? Mainly, because the industry was mostly ignoring the Internet, or saw it as a toy. Radio was raking in the cash by selling commercials, and most managment types saw no need for understanding and leveraging the massive change that the Web would eventually bring.

So, I convince Radio giant Clear Channel to give me my first Internet gig; Regional Sales Manager for their Interactive division. I helped their stations with a variety of web initiatives. The year was 1999 and our Radio websites had a rule…..”no links to outside sites” We were told “once somebody arrives on our site, don’t let em out! Geez. Another fun fact about Radio websites in the year 2000: we were trying to be local portals; where we would provide everything that someone would need while on the web. Radio was pretty cocky about the web back then.

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