A Digital Sale is Made on Every Call

When a local advertiser tells you they’re not interested in web advertising or digital marketing…and you walk away….that’s a sale. They ‘sold’ you on the fact that the Internet is not important to their business.

When the Publisher or GM convinces you that a paywall is good for your news site, that’s a sale. They ‘sold you’ on the mistake that journalism is your company’s primary objective. It’s not. Your primary objective is helping local business by using content creation to bring together consumers and sellers.

When a research firm gets you to buy expensive market data…that’s a sale. They ‘sold’ you on the fact that it’s not necessary to run your website like a business. Just buy their reports for all the answers.

When your boss hires an outside sales firm to ‘hard close’ your clients, that’s a sale. They ‘sold’ you on the fact that you’re not qualified to sell digital and your future as a salesman is limited.

When your ad director has no idea how Reach Local or Google is pitching local business…that’s a sale. They ‘sold’ you on the fact that you don’t need to understand the fast growing competition. They want you to ignore that stuff….and sell lot’s of low CPM banners.

When the CEO says that digital journalism will save your company, that’s a sale. They ‘sold’ you on the fact that community news coverage…using digital… by the trusted newspaper… is a guarantee for financial success. It’s not. Advertisers are the critical key to great journalism. If you don’t help local mom & pops build their business…they”’ have no money to support your journalism.

A Sale is Made on Every Call…( NSFW )

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