Beating Newspapers with a Paywall

Wordpress can beat Newspaper Paywalls
Newspaper Killer

Newspaper paywalls can be considered the next phase of the industry’s mandatory rehab. Some call it denial, while others call it a last gasp. We call it an opportunity.

If the dominant publication in your town has erected a silly paywall, get down on your knees like Tebow and thank the man upstairs. You’ve been handed a golden ticket. Now’s the perfect time to fire up a simple WORDPRESS site and pull a ‘Huffington Post’ on their sorry ass.

With so many displaced journalists looking for work, the time has never been better to use every web 2.0 trick in the book, and compete directly against the paywall-crippled Newspaper giant in town. is your first step in this battle. It’s easy to use, it scales fast, and it’s cheap. When it’s used correctly, it can kick some tush in the SEO department too.

  • Step #1 – Stop spending so much time reading Romenesko and other News/Website pundits. You really won’t learn how to build a profitable business with that stuff. Goofing on FOX NEWS or discussing research is not a business model that drives revenue.
  • Step #2 – Avoid any conference, consultant, salaried VP Digital, IT person or research firm that has no local sales background. Why? Because new business development at the local level, is the most critical part of your local news start-up.
  • Step #3 – Get ready for my ultimate WordPress webinar. You’ll quickly learn how to use this amazing CMS, ( content management system ) to rule your local market. Attendees get ( at no-charge ) a WordPress install, a powerful NEWS formatted template/theme, domain name, and free hosting for a year. And….one lucky person will be selected to get 3 months of free consulting. I’ll personally help the winner go up against the pay-walled paper in their market.

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