Best Practices: Online Media & Sales Kit

Most printed media and sales kits never get read.

Why? Mainly because they just boast about how great the Newspaper, TV or Radio company is. They rarely describe the benefits that an advertiser will enjoy. Too many of these so-called ‘kits’ contain too much useless research, bad grammar and silly clip art.

How do media planners collect information in regards to advertising? Well, if the rep is not available, they’ll visit the TV, Radio or Newspaper’s online media kit….on it’s website.

Watch this video: HOW TO FIX YOUR MEDIA KIT. 

We use; a TV website in Sarasota, as a random example.

What makes a GOOD online media kit?

  • Easy to find. Include link at top / bottom /side of all pages…”Advertise” or “Media Kit”.
  • KISS. Keep it simple stupid. Stick to basics: Contact Us, Site Overview, ‘Rates’, etc.
  • Entire media kit should be kept on one page.
  • Name sections using easy to understand terms. Avoid insider or shop talk.
  • Offer a REAL person’s name, phone, position and email.
  • Use visuals to show different ad options.
  • Avoid “BS” about why ‘you’re the best’
  • Make rate card easy to print, save, share or email
  • Offer HOT DEALS section. (Great way to keep visitors returning to your site)


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