Online Video for Revenue

Things I hear from local media clients about video:

  • We’d LOVE to do more online video; but it’s cost & manpower prohibitive right now.
  • We’re shooting video and posting it….where’s the money?

Online video needs to be SALES based for now.

For publishers, there just isn’t alot of investment capital to put into a huge online video initiative right now. So here are the basic, boot-strapping ways to get started in the world of online video.

Equipment, Software and Hosting: Click below to watch a simple video I produced employing many of the recommendations in this post.

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I shot all the stills and video with a basic consumer camera, purchased from a local Best Buy; the Canon Powershot. I carry this thing everywhere….so should your reporters…..ya never know when you’ll be near news worthy subject matter! For a digital still camera, the video quality is surprisingly good. This was edited with a $99 software program called Adoble Premiere Elements (could have easily used Windows Movie Maker or Apple’s i-Movie which are built in, on all computers), ……..I used Picasa for free photo editing……used Blip.TV and YouTube to easily post and share/embed my video for free.

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3 thoughts on “Online Video for Revenue”

  1. Mel –

    Great point and great example.

    As someone who used to live in South Jersey and never got to the parade, I now have a good idea of what I missed.

    I think more newspapers/newsrooms need to hear your message. Too many think video and see $$$$ and just say no way. While others think video will generate loads of revenue and quickly get frustrated when it doesn’t materialize.

    Your bootstrap approach complete with the free hosting and sponsorship ideas are a game plan that any newspapers could use to win at video.

  2. Mel as a member of Q.C. I would like to Thank You for taking the time to put this memorable piece of Bob’s last trek down 2st. It was awesome. Thanks again.

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