Borrell Defends Online Sales Force Strategy

We disagreed with local media researcher; Gordon Borrell, with a recent post.

Read it here: Separate Web Sales Inside Newspaper, Will Likely Fail. His many comments lead me to believe that our alternative points of view have ruffled some feathers. That was not our intention.

The post did not sit well with Mr. Borrell; since he recommmends the highly debatable benefits of a web-only sales staff.

I was surprised to see that my different take on this matter could elicit the immediate & direct attention of this well-known industry veteran.

‘I don’t take it lightly when consultants try to influence the industry with misguided opinion.’ Gordon Borrell

Gordon knows quite well, that our recommendations and advisory services are based on my deep, in-the-field experience…..not 3rd party research that can be easily manipulated.

Top  Reasons: Separate web-sales will hurt your online and traditional business

1. Internal wars erupt between print & web teams.

2. Print reps look out-of-touch when they can’t talk about, and sell simple web marketing concepts.

3. Digital rep not properly incented to sell print and other non-digital products to advertiser.

4. Where do you find good digital sellers? If they’re good, they’ll get paid better…elsewhere

5. Web sellers reporting up to print managers never work.

6. Multiple points of sales contact between a media company & advertising client is always bad.

 ‘I don’t take lightly your déclassé, veiled slaps at Borrell Associates’ Gordon Borrell

Gordon, we understand  if our different point of view caused Borrell clients to question some of your advice. We never meant for our professional opinion to have a negative effect on anyone’s business.

My deep, local media background includes Internet sales rep, manager, trainer and consultant for companies like Calkins Media, Fox-TV, Tribune Newspapers, and This allows me to see…. up close….what works and what doesn’t work…. when trying to build an online sales model for local media companies. I believe this real-world intelligence is more valuable than spreadsheets and expensive data analysis.

I think long and hard before posting stuff. I discuss uncomfortable issues on occasion. I don’t always agree with many of the Borrell recommendations. That doesn’t mean I disrespect the work of Borrell. It just means I provide a much needed….different point of view…. to an industry that continues to struggle with the same, tactics and strategy.

‘I really don’t follow your blog. It has been called to my attention a few times since the beginning of this year by people who have passed it along, as if to say, Hey, look. This wingnut keeps taking cheap shots.’ Gordon Borrell

Gordon, it’s nice to see that many of your clients read our blog, subscribe to our newsletters, and attend our webinars.

We’ll reach out to you by phone and will try to patch things up. There’s no need to be defensive, since we’re a big fan of yours. Both of us can thrive in this fast changing, digital world. 

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  1. After reading this latest post, I must apologize for taking your blog seriously. Thanks for clearing things up, pointing out that your opinions aren’t based on research. Had me going there for a minute!

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