Case Study: Custom Radio & WordPress Sales Program

Radio stations (and TV/Newspaper) suffer from websites controlled by non-sales execs. That’s the #1 reason why most digital sales efforts of broadcasters…. really stink. Click thru to WATCH VIDEO…

Think about it. A radio or TV station is run by a profit focused, general manager….not a program director. A newspaper is run by a business minded publisher…not the editor. But in the web world, local media allows a non-sales focused exec to create and execute their digital business plan. Duh. These smart, but SALARIED execs build cool sites and grow Facebook fans, but could give two bleeps about revenue. Why should they? They get a steady paycheck each week.

So, instead of trying to pry away the website from these nice, yet unqualified executives….We highly recommend using WordPress to create custom DIGITAL SALES programs.

Watch this video. It’s a real world case study of how to use WordPress to keep a Radio advertiser happy. WordPress is our sales weapon of choice. It reduces our cost of operations by over 50%, it’s easy to use….and it’s keeps getting better as a content management system (CMS).

Need help with using WordPress at your local media operation? Call us. We know WordPress for SALES.

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