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Political & Social Justice Activism: Another Nail in Newspaper’s Coffin

More local newspapers will shut down this year. Those still hanging on will either reduce pages or days of publication. Many will run syndicated content. The Internet started the journalism purge well over 15 years ago. Readers and advertisers no longer interested. And it’s not over yet. Covid accelerated the decline of these once great…

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You’ve Been Warned. Over-Reliance on Facebook Could Kill Your Business.

We know far too many businesses that do 99% of their marketing and advertising….using Facebook and other Social Media sites. Geez. It’s insane to build a business on land you can’t control. See: Digital Sharecropping. As readers of Get Smart Digital know, we’ve been warning those who leverage Facebook for business purposes. Facebook can cut you…

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Old School Email Marketing. More Important, More Effective Than Ever.

It’s not sexy, but good old-fashioned email is still the most effective way to communicate and market online. Fans of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube understandably don’t agree. What’s not to love about ‘free’? Fact: Reliable, permission-based marketing cuts through the clutter and land-mines associated with social media. To be sure, we still leverage the free,…

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Innovators Dilemma Predicted The Demise and Fall of Old Media

The old school media death rattle is getting louder. Once trusted sources of information, local newspapers are either shutting down or dramatically scaling back their operations. In the process, they’re losing most of their main asset: community influence. That’s what really matters. Websites and social media will not bail them out. A New York Times…

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How To Fix TOP 5 Small Business Web Marketing Problems

After all these years, do small businesses STILL struggle with common internet marketing challenges? Yes, many still do. When made aware of their web marketing shortcomings, the smart ones fix ’em. Others ignore ’em. And yes, some business owners are taking advice from those with questionable, digital marketing skills. Not updating Google for Local Business….

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Borrell Reminds Radio That Digital Doom Still Lurking

Hear that giant sucking sound? That’s the noise of ad dollars flowing out of radio and newspaper, and into digital marketing products / solutions. Is radio & newspaper dead? Not entirely, but it’s quickly moving in that direction. Not only for readers and listeners, but primarily for advertisers, aka: small business owners. Gordon Borrell Still…

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WordPress, Podcasting & Social Media vs Newspaper & Radio News

WATCH VIDEO > WordPress-powered websites, podcasting & social media continues to infringe upon legacy newspaper & radio titans. But are these new digital upstarts able to create sustainable business models for hyper-local news? Is it possible to profitably monetize a community website? The short answer is yes. The slightly longer answer is hell yeah. How…

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Is WordPress a Local Newspaper & Radio Killer?

Some call WordPress a local newspaper killer. The open source, online publishing platform keeps getting better with age. WordPress levels the playing field for those who create, share and serve. Will WordPress really kill local media outlets like newspaper and radio? Not exactly. But it’s certainly stealing readership & listener count. Online news & info…