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Digital Disruption. Atlantic City Media

#1. Warren Buffett ( BH Media ) buys AC Weekly. Good move. This certainly strengthens the portfolio that includes Press of Atlantic City and the collection of ex-Catamaran Media weeklies along the Jersey Shore. We always thought that AC Weekly was stronger than the AC PRESS’s weekly “At The Shore”. …

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Online Disruption: Local Media Screwed?

Not so long ago, small business was at the mercy of Newspaper, TV & Radio. If you needed to advertise your Italian restaurant or car dealership, you had to call the big media players in town. Often, they played the role of Tony Soprano (or Nucky Thompson if you watch …

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WordPress: Save Money. Make Money

Many local media companies still rely on expensive & proprietary CMS; Content Management Systems, for their digital content platforms. Recently, CBS & Tribune smartly made the switch to WordPress. As Newspaper, TV and Radio see their local share of online revenue continue to slide, it’s even more important to cut …

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How to Sell Online Inventory. CPM or Flat Fee?

How to price ads for online news sites: Flat fee or CPM?”>How to price ads for online news sites: Flat fee or CPM? How to Sell Online Inventory. CPM, Cost per thousand, or Flat Fee?

Why Hyper Local Websites Fail

FROM THE ARCHIVES. DEC 2010. Jim Brady abruptly exited TBD.com. Strange since the site was only up and running for about 3 months and had almost everything it needed to succeed. Almost everything. Now we find that TBD has pulled the plug on the hyper local ad & blogger network …

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Case Study: Custom Radio & WordPress Sales Program

Radio stations (and TV/Newspaper) suffer from websites controlled by non-sales execs. That’s the #1 reason why most digital sales efforts of broadcasters…. really stink. Click thru to WATCH VIDEO… Think about it. A radio or TV station is run by a profit focused, general manager….not a program director. A newspaper …

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Hurricane Sandy; Hyper Local News Success Using WordPress

As a hyper-local news consultant, Hurricane Sandy had an unexpected affect on our company recently. This so-called ‘Frankenstorm’ wreaked havoc all along the eastern seaboard. The center of the storm made landfall right on our front step, here in Brigantine, New Jersey.  This fateful distinction played a major role in …

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Real Estate Talk with John Bolaris

Borrell Defends Online Sales Force Strategy

We disagreed with local media researcher; Gordon Borrell, with a recent post. Read it here: Separate Web Sales Inside Newspaper, Will Likely Fail. His many comments lead me to believe that our alternative points of view have ruffled some feathers. That was not our intention. The post did not sit …

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Local Online News: Still Up for Grabs

The online news space is getting crowded. Maybe it’s time to start throwing some elbows? Digital marketing dollars of most small business, are still up for grabs. When you take these tiny but high volumes of mom & pop budgets, and combine them with the ‘asleep at the wheel’ efforts of …

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Can Local Media Attract Small Business?

It’s a fact. Local advertisers are moving more of their marketing dollars….to online. Understandably, sales reps for newspapers, radio and the Yellow Pages are not amused. While revenues are dropping at traditional media properties, they’re actually growing at digital-first companies that focus on helping the local advertiser. Have ya noticed? …

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