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America East Newspapers and WordPress: Hyperlocal Weapon of Choice

Another year zipped by as we prepare for the 2013 America East Newspaper Conference in Hershey, Pa.. If you attended my standing-room only session last year, you’ll already know that much of what I discussed,¬†unfortunately¬†came true. The past 12 months have featured more newsroom lay-offs, down-sizing, and a quicker pace of advertiser erosion. Making matters…

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GREAT Online Survey Tool for Newspaper

We love Polldaddy.com This awesome and AFFORDABLE online survey tool is brought to you by the same great company behind¬†WordPress.com. Smart Newspapers, TV and Radio stations…..along with Fortune 500 companies….. use this tool to conduct surveys, polls, and quizzes. With full support for WordPress and other publishing platforms…PollDaddy.com rocks.

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CNHI Newspaper in PA Teaching Digital to Local Business

Smart Newspapers know digital is a big part of their business. Not just in the newsroom, but in the sales department as well. One such smart company is CNHI. This local media group also knows the importance of new business development and ‘consultative selling’. That’s why they asked me to assist in their Web Marketing…

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Fixing Common Mistakes of Newspaper Websites

Before a local advertiser hands over a portion of their marketing budget, they will take a good hard look at your site. They’re not interested in pageviews and CPM’s. All they care about is whether or not the sales rep is going to make them look great online….which will lead to increased sales. Is your…

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How Newspaper Makes Money with Online Video

When will local newspaper websites and hyper local blogs start making money with video? Short answer: When they start sharing their video equipment with sales department. For now, the big money in online video is NOT in editorial & news content. Rather, it’s in promotion, demonstration & advertorial-based video content. Some production companies like the…

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2012 CNPA Press Summit; Profit First Websites

The CNPA; California Newspaper Publishers Association, wrapped up another fine conference. San Jose was the place, right there in Silicon Valley. It was a perfect location due to the influence of digital through-out the 3 day event. Here’s the presentation deck I used: Run Your Website as a Profit-First Business. Sometimes I call this: Profit-First…

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Can Local Media Attract Small Business?

It’s a fact. Local advertisers are moving more of their marketing dollars….to online. Understandably, sales reps for newspapers, radio and the Yellow Pages are not amused. While revenues are dropping at traditional media properties, they’re actually growing at digital-first companies that focus on helping the local advertiser. Have ya noticed? Pink slips and lay-offs happen…

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Newspaper’s Long Decline

Newspaper websites continue their long, slow decline into obscurity. Sure, some will remain strong. But far too many are making critical mistakes at the absolute wrong time. While publishers spend money on useless research and conferences, independent blogs and online specialty sites continue to eat away at their local advertising share. Google is on the…

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Profit First Newspaper Websites

Digital first is good, but profit first is better. That’s the focus of our latest keynote presentation addressing the growing frustration voiced by local media operators. Newspaper publishers, broadcast general managers and hyper local bloggers are no longer interested in just having cool websites with growing site traffic, Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Building a…