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Radio Declines While Podcasting & Streaming Grow.

CBS Corp. is poised to exit the Radio business….The company is exploring a sale or spin-off, of its entire radio division. The decision marks the end of an era and highlights the waning influence of commercial radio, which is no longer considered a growth industry. Young adults spend more time listening to digital music files,…

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How Can Radio Win Online ?

Radio is being pressured by Wall Street to build online revenue. You read it in the Wall Street Journal and the industry trades. Layoffs, downsizing, automation of stations. Hard to believe that local ‘news’ stations don’t even have their own basic ‘news’ department. (they just read old news from the newspapers) With that in mind….Newspaper websites have been seriously…

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Can Radio Re-Invent for Hyper-Local Web Sales?

Every so often, you have to re-invent yourself. When you’re a Radio DJ with a goofy mullet haircut, it’s even more important to change. (especially if you’re hanging with hair bands) If we’re smart, we re-invent voluntarily…on our own terms. Too often though, we’re forced to. This thing called the ‘hyperlocal web revolution’ is one such…

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Mel Taylor and WPG Townsquare Media in Atlantic City

Local Radio listeners in Atlantic City and South Jersey heard some good news this week. WPG 1450 News/Talk Radio added more local programming & news coverage to it’s on-air line-up. Broadcasting, Newspaper & Internet veteran Mel Taylor teamed up with WPG and it’s parent company; Townsquare Media. Boasting a 25+ year career in Philly/South Jersey…

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A Digital Sale is Made on Every Call

When a local advertiser tells you they’re not interested in web advertising or digital marketing…and you walk away….that’s a sale. They ‘sold’ you on the fact that the Internet is not important to their business. When the Publisher or GM convinces you that a paywall is good for your news site, that’s a sale. They ‘sold you’…

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7 Habits of Profitable, Hyper Local News

Still no sustainable business model for online news? That’s crazy talk!

Quite often, we read reports of online editorial success and greater activity in the hyper-local space. Far too many announcements include remarks about revenue plans being explored, or the difficulty of finding a way to pay the bills. This is in direct conflict with our research and field-testing, that clearly identifies a robust collection of revenue models that are currently thriving in the local marketplace. So what gives?