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Profit First, Local News Websites

Stop running your TV, Radio & Newspaper website at a loss. Follow simple business principles to reach profitability. Produced by Mel Taylor Media & TCU School of Journalism.

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NAB Radio Show, Web Revenue Chokepoints

NAB and RAB Radio Show 2010. Digital still being given lip service by Broadcasters? Maybe, since Radio barely pulls 2% of online revenue share. Cool websites are not enough & streaming is still a money suck. Here’s a list of top 10 web revenue mistakes that Radio must address before it can find true, interactive success.

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Can Local Media Attract Small Business?

It’s a fact. Local advertisers are moving more of their marketing dollars….to online. Understandably, sales reps for newspapers, radio and the Yellow Pages are not amused. While revenues are dropping

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Radio Losing Talent to Online

CBS Radio in Philadelphia used to feature 94 WYSP.  This was the home of Howard Stern, John DeBella, Mel Toxic and others. One by one, these on-air players exited for

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Leading Radio Into Digital Future?

Radio broadcasters are hoping to see light at the end of this tunnel. If you listen closely, you can hear a growing contingency of broadcasters starting to ask about those up

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