Newspaper, Radio & Business Hurt by New Facebook Rules

They did it again. Facebook, once again, changed the rules on how your social media posts are seen. But hey, what do you expect from a free service? Beware: Facebook & Social Media not cool with Newspaper publishers or local business. Yes. Your small business or media company is gonna …

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WordPress and BrigantineNOW. 5 Years of Awesomeness.

We built at WordPress powered local news site for a local group of Brigantine residents. They called it Thats was about 5 years ago. Yes, it’s true. 5 years ago. WordPress can handle a fast growing news and info website for towns of all shapes and sizes…at about 20% …

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Political Cartoons for the Digital Age

Poking fun and keeping them honest. That’s what Newspapers used to do with local politicians. Some call it watchdog journalism or doing your civic duty. But over time, local media companies lost their backbone for this kind of story telling. Not only have these TV, Radio & Newspapers lost their …

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What is WordPress and Why You Need It

What the heck is a WordPress…and why should you care? Quite simply, WordPress is the fastest growing way to publish and manage stuff on the web. It’s kinda like finally owning a pencil & paper….and a stamped envelope. WordPress is a CMS; a ‘Content Management System’. Soemtimes it’s referred to …

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Video. Not Just for Newsrooms.

When will local media websites and hyper local blogs start making money with online video? That’s a question I get asked quite often. My short answer: When Newspaper and Broadcast mamagers start giving video equipment to the sales departments. Research shows that the big money in online video, for now, …

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Local Advertisers LOVE Online Video

Local advertisers love video. Good thing we love shooting & editing video. As a local media player, we know that covering the local scene involves more than just old school reporting and journalism. Sometimes you gotta tap into a little ‘back-pack’ VJ stuff. Watch this video I just produced. It’s …

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Top 3 Ways To Use Online Video

Local Newspapers, TV, and Radio websites are still confused about the best ways to use online video for news and indormation. This is still a problem for hyper local and independent sites as well. We recommend giving the video equipment to the sales and marketing department first. They have a …

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Online Video for Advertisers

Newspaper, TV and Radio stink at making money with online video. Much of the blame is due to thinking that newsrooms and programming departments….know what sells. How to make money with online video? Create advertiser-focused features. These short clips should be geared towards building up the local business….and for entertaining …

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Newspapers winning with Local Online Video

“Print folks see the future and are scrambling to take the high ground, while TV sits on it’s thumb….. thinking they already own it”. That’s a killer quote from a new found friend of mine; Cyndy Green. Click here to read her blog on video journalism. Indeed, TV may be …

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