How WordPress is changing the world of communication.

Wall Street Values WordPress at One Billion Dollars.

WordPress rolls out the 3.9 upgrade and Wall Street places 1 billion dollar valuation on the content management system. But hey, feel free to use those expensive, proprietary platforms. You probably have another year or so before your boss asks why you haven’t moved to WordPress yet. Watch Video.

WGN Tribune in Chicago. WordPress Review.

CBS & Tribune are adopting WordPress as a CMS; Content Management System. We love that fact. Now, we want to make sure they’re using this amazing publishing platform the right way. Are they teaching sales & marketing execs how to use it? Let’s review WGN in Chicago.

Review: How CBS Hires WordPress Engineers.

In this short video, we take a look a how CBS describes a job opening for WordPress Engineers. While it’s nice to see WordPress being used by local media more often, that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Using WordPress the right way is critical.

PATCH Platform Sold to Hyper-Local Publishers?

Recent PATCH patter about AOL chief; Tim Armstrong, includes discussion of possibly using the craptastic PATCH cms platform as a SaaS (software as a service) targeted at indie publishers. Comments from former PATCHER & Baltimore Sun exec; Tim Windsor, caught my eye on the Street Fight site. Tim submits that …

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Patch Pain Obscures Success of Indie Hyper local News

The rise and fall of PATCH, the hyper local news network from AOL is a red herring – a tactic to divert attention away from what really matters. While ink stained editors & broadcast newsrooms snicker at the mis-steps of the top heavy PATCH, there’s a growing cadre of lean …

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Hyper Local News Revelation: Exiting Publisher endorses WordPress.

Many high profile, hyper-local news websites have failed due to lackluster sales & revenue. This is true for both independent as well as corporate efforts. After spending investor cash like a drunken sailor, some exiting founders are semi-admitting that they might have survived if they used powerful, yet in-expensive software like …

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CMS; Content Management System Makeover

What did it cost to build your hyper local website: BrigantineNow.com? That’s the question I was asked from a buddy in the local news business. He needed a CMS, or content management system make-over. I replied: ‘about $750 in software and services to get it up and running. The monthly …

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Real Estate for Hyper-Local Websites

If you work in Newspaper, we bet your tired of losing Real Estate sales & rental business to Craigslist and other online platforms. Wish you could go after that segment of the market without hurting the premium value of  your print product? Of course you do. We think you’ll love …

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2013 America East Newspapers in Hershey

Newspaper execs will gather once again for the 2013 America East Newspaper conference. Think much has changed over the past 12 months? Well….we think so….but the Newspaper industry might not be aware of what’s going down. Some are still debating and pondering. Some are still buying research, data, research and …

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Hurricane Sandy; Hyper Local News Success Using WordPress

As a hyper-local news consultant, Hurricane Sandy had an unexpected affect on our company recently. This so-called ‘Frankenstorm’ wreaked havoc all along the eastern seaboard. The center of the storm made landfall right on our front step, here in Brigantine, New Jersey.  This fateful distinction played a major role in …

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