Digital Outdoor Advertising in Atlantic City – Boardwalk ADS

Atlantic City

Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising. Big, bold, simple….and placed next to large groups of those passing by. A company called Impactivate has decided to bring these old school billboards…and the world famous Atlantic City Boardwalk….into the world if 21st century marketing.

Boardwalk ADS in Atlantic City could be seen as old school billboards on steroids. But its much more than that.

Digital outdoor advertising is nothing new. Hi-def billboards along roadsides, smaller screens at checkout counters, and eye-catching TV-like transit advertising are just a few of the ways that marketers attract attention.

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is the latest spot for these hi-tech, hi impact messaging systems. A company called Impactivate is behind the Boardwalk’s digital marketing network.

  • Dual-sided screens along most of the AC Boardwalk
  • Free WIFI and charging stations for your digital devices.
  • Video & Audio


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