ex CBS WYSP Radio DJ’s Stream Online

In 2007, WYSP Radio in Philadelphia, a CBS station, sent the mid-day team of Matt and Huggy.. packin’.

Instead of hitting the beach, this radio duo took their show to the web. The loyal fan base downloaded their podcast, and packed nightclubs with their live streaming events.

Click above to watch the short, 5 minute video we produced to show how this worked, and how successful it was.

Watch for other “out of work” DJ’s to adopt these online tactics.

Today, Huggy is on the air at WTKK, Boston Talks Radio. 


4 thoughts on “ex CBS WYSP Radio DJ’s Stream Online”

  1. Wow. Mel, you are a stand up guy. This was a very successful event and I hated to leave early. I really wish I could have stayed. This video can prove to sponsors that live podcasts and internet radio is the way of the future. terrestrial radio is doomed.

  2. Yo Mel
    Thanks for taking the the time to give the boys the exposure that they and we the fans deserve. F### YSP…….They’ll be sorry.

    Giggidy Giggidy
    Sparkinmark from Reading

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