Facebook Fooling Local Media

Social Media is losing alot of it’s shine. It’s not going away, but it’s no longer the savior many thought it would be.

We cringe when we see newsroom and programming personnel beg for Facebook ‘likes’ and Twitter followers. Why not send a freekin’ big check directly to Zuck? Geez.

Why is Social Media slipping? Demand is in decline and revenue is still scarce. Quite possibly, the social media bubble has burst. Instead, small business is pumping dollars into lead aggregation, SEO, optimizing their websites for conversion, and mobile. Keep in mind, social media should still be used if the target & product is relevant. But most don’t realize that a very small percentage of ‘fans’ actually see your post.

Reasons for not over-allocating your marketing budgets to Facebook & Twitter:

1.  It’s sharecropping.  You don’t own Facebook & Twitter. You can invest large amounts of time and money into fans, and then Facebook can change rules.

2. 50% of Americans are not on Facebook.

3.  People don’t use Facebook and Twitter for purchase research. When they want to buy something, they use search. That’s why it’s better to invest in a professional, optimized website.

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