Gawker Media. Denton’s Business Strategy

Gawker Media’s Nick Denton spoke at the recent Business Insider conference called IGNITION. It was a great show with excellent line-up of digital media execs like Denton & Arianna Huffington.

It’s rare for the head of a media company to spell out his business strategy with such honesty, even if it breaks a few unwritten rules along the way. But Nick Denton is quite open about his strategies. As we all know, far too many conferences feature panels & keynotes full of vendors, VP’s & CEO’s who do little more than shill for the questionable web strategy of their company.

Gawker Media is now close to a smooth 10 million in revenue. We suggest you steal as much as you can from the video below. Well, it’s not really stealing since Nick is handing it to you on a silver platter.

Kudos to Henry Blodget; CEO of Business Insider who smartly places a pre-roll in front of this excellent 26 minute clip. As we recommend to clients: only run a :05 sec opening billboard in front of short clips of 2-3 minutes. Feel free to run a full :15 or :30 sec spot in front of clips that are longer than 3 minutes, and are of very high value.

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