Hairbands and the Personal Media Revolution

Stopped into the Borgata in Atlantic City this past Saturday night. Making my way thru this very popular casino, I peered into the window of a small club there, called the Gypsy Bar. Well whadd’ ya know.  It’s CC Deville, hairband guitarist and Vh1 reality star from 80’s rock band; Poison. He was playing a handful of songs with the local band performing.


As luck would have it, I had with me, my trusty digital still camera. Canon Powershot SD 800. Really good still camera, with a 2gb memory card. As a bonus, this little beauty also has video capability. Not great, but pretty damn good for a still camera. Click video above to see the footage that I took.

Where am I going with this story of casinos, rockers and digital cameras ? Well, it really hit home for me, that the Personal Media Revolution is in full swing, and has only begun to seriously alter the media landscape.

Here some of the things that this video potentially represents.

  • I captured a somewhat rare performance, with no preparation ( other than having a camera in my pocket).
  • Used a piece of equipment valued at only $400.
  • Was able to upload and host/distribute this video a no cost, using YouTube.
  • MTV, Radio or other music media entity did not cover this, or have the smarts/minimal resources to cover.
  • The Borgata casino is still not aware of how to leverage this type of unique situation online. Ex: having this clip on their site, could potentially encourage more people to visit in the future.

What is your company doing to leverage the Personal Media Revolution ?

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