Radio Reps Being Lured to Digital

It might be a GREAT time for Radio sellers to jump into the world of digital sales. Advertisers are ramping up their ad spend…..only this time….much of it’s going toward web. That’s why we’re stoked about all the amazing digital jobs now available…. to Radio, as well as all traditional media reps.

Feel free to stay where you are though. We hope you enjoy the feel-good speeches at the 2012 RAB Radio Show. We’re sure that’ll help your career. Not.

According to RBR-TVBRInternet Radio phenom; Pandora, is hiring radio reps that have established relationships with agencies and advertisers that use traditional radio.

Pandora believes this will lend more credibility to their fast growing service. Reps will be able to provide comparative answers to Radio vs. Pandora questions on metrics, reach, frequency, CPMs, etc.

One of the packages Pandora is offering radio ad reps to move over is a base salary of $80,000-$90,000 (non draw); A regional account list totaling $80,000-$90,000 in commission, with opportunity for growth; 6,000-8,000 shares of stock, vesting over three years; Total compensation package for year one: $160,000-$180,000.

Some other GREAT opportunities for Radio Reps, (and TV / Newspaper reps) is Reach Local.

  • Reach Local helps local business with a variety of digital marketing programs. They’re in over 45 markets so far. And guess what? They’re quieting stealing broadcast & print budgets. We bet you didn’t know that, did you? Nope. Your boss certainly wasn’t gonna tell you about Reach Local. (that’s if they know what a Reach Local is)
  • SuperMedia is like an online yellow pages on steroids. They’re hiring. And they’ll train you. And you’ll sell stuff that local advertisers WANT to buy.

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