Hyper-Local Fail: Newspaper, TV and Radio News Online.

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When will Newspaper and other local media wake-up? The answer doesn’t really matter to those already cashing in on hyper local news and digital marketing for small business.

The sale of The Washington Post to Jeff Bezos of Amazon, The Philadelphia Inquirer becoming a non-profit, and newspapers pinning their hopes on pay-walls. These are big ass clues to the future.

Beside the lack of a solid, local sales strategy, Newspapers, TV & Radio have a notoriously craptastic history with their CMS; content management systems. God forbid they use WordPress as a publishing platform. Duh. We use it in Atlantic City, NJ. because WordPress rocks. www.ACprimetime.com  But hey, feel free to keep paying a fortune to your overpriced vendor for a proprietary CMS.

A few years back, we tried to convince local newspapers, TV & Radio to offer digital marketing services to local advertisers. Did they listen? Some did, but most executed poorly. They preferred to sell CPM based banners and do deals with Google and Facebook. How’s that working out for ya?

Local business is getting web savvy. On their own. Some are getting trained by GetSmartDigital.com. They’re investing in online video, SEO, email marketing, social media and better websites for their business.

Here’s some local business videos we did a few years back, for a Tribune Newspaper in Allentown, PA. and for Calkins media in Philadelphia.

One is for a local men’s store, one is for a new lasik eye doctor. We produced them like an online ‘video tour’….not a freekin’ :60 second TV commercial.

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