Newspaper, TV & Radio Disrupted by Fast Moving WordPress

WordPress on a tear. Local TV, Radio and Newspapers are taking notice.

Well, at least the smarts ones are.

To date, this open-source platform called WordPress has been adopted and endorsed by most CBS Broadcast properties, as well as divisions within The New York Times, People Magazine and other media orgs with brains and a sense of fiscal responsibility.

WordPress powers over 25% of world wide websites. It’s the dominant content management system….or CMS.

Fresh new features & tweaks make WordPress even more powerful and disruptive than before. Yes, I said ‘disruptive’.

The disruptive powers of WordPress I speak of are typically kept hush hush at most local media companies. Why? Because the wizard behind the curtain is getting exposed. The wizard or wizards I’m referring to are those who claim that WordPress is nothing but a virus prone, buggy blogging tool for amateurs. Of course, whale oil salesmen at one time spoke of the exteme dangers of ‘electricity’ too.

Yes, WordPress started out as a blogging platform 10 years ago. Since then, WP has evolved into a full blown content management system that’s stable, easy to scale & update, much easier to use, and maybe most important: it’s quite cheap to operate & maintain.

WP can not only dramatically reduce your digital expense, it can help your TV, Radio and Newspaper teams quickly create almost any type of content or application.

Still using an expensive, proprietary CMS that locks you in for a year and few know how to use? 

As many know, Mel Taylor Media has spent too many years trying to convince local media companies that their content management systems were a big reason why they struggle with online revenue. Not only were their monthly digital expenses making it virtually impossible to break even, but their ability to train and encourage staff to leverage these web tools, left a lot to be desired.

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