Hyper-local News; Podcasting and Live Video Streaming Update

Example: Real Estate Podcast

Lower cost and easier to use. Online tools and software to engage your hyper-local target audience.

It’s never been easier and more affordable to become the most trusted source of news and information in your neighborhood.

WordPress is only getting better. Gutenberg editor playing leading role.

Our personal hardware upgrades include the totally badass, RODECASTER PRO audio mixer.

We love the EV RE320 microphone. For cleaner sound, we boosted mic signal using a Fethead connection. We typically get excellent sound, except for when online guests have lower production quality.

Lighting our portable, chroma-key greenscreen backdrop can be challenging at times. Sometimes I don’t use greenscreen in order to preserve CPU power/cycles. Don’t want to over-tax computer CPU during live stream.

Currently trying a variety of live, video streaming services. (Stream Yard, Re-stream) Livestream to multiple social media platforms at the same time. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. You can even pre-record a webcast and publish it later via a scheduler.

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