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Gotta love helping small business with digital marketing stuff. It’s one of the fastest growing revenue segments in the local media eco-system.

We found the testimonial below, in our inbox recently. It’s from a small business that found us through the hyper-local WordPress site we manage; BrigantineNOW.com.

It’s more proof that local media execs would be best served by putting more focus on the small business operator. They really do pay the freight for content creation.

I’d like to share my experience with Mel Taylor’s BrigantineNOW.com and their ‘Small Business Marketing Services’.

My company; Lacey Cleaning, generated 25% more clients since starting our new marketing campaign with BrigantineNow.com. This is on top of our already impressive list of Lacey Cleaning clients.

Lacey Cleaning spends a lot of money to advertise and grow our residential & commercial cleaning business in South Jersey. We saw very little success with our recent advertising campaigns using Radio, Newspaper, Internet, etc..

I decided to reached out to Mel Taylor based on his work with the BrigantineNow.com website. From our first conversation, Mel was the utmost professional. He was the most accessible marketing pro I’ve ever dealt with in our company’s 33+ years of operation.

Under Mel’s direction, Lacey Cleaning launched with a fully re-designed website. In just one month, it generated more leads than my previous website did in two years.

With that success, we expanded our advertising / marketing plans to include other BrigantineNow marketing programs like BrigantineNOW Facebook, ‘Brigantine Vacation’ and the BrigantineNOW email newsletter.

Some new, Lacey Cleaning clients:

  • Daily cleaning contract: Margaritaville in Atlantic City
  • Exclusive contract: Seminole Construction
  • Exclusive contract: Safe Harbor Construction
  • Exclusive contract: Tyler Homes
  • Various ‘power washing’ jobs
  • Increase of Summer rental home ‘cleaning turnovers’

If you’re a small business looking for a proven marketing pro, you now know who to call.

Chad Minnes
(Owner) Lacey Cleaning

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