How Hyper Local News Websites Can Attract Political Advertising

Our hyper local news project called BrigantineNOW attracted some political advertising dollars this past year. From both sides of the aisle. The GOP hired us to build an easy to use, WordPress powered website, and the DEMS asked us to develop a series of campaign ads & digital marketing tactics. This is just more proof… that digital marketing is growing in demand…and our BrigantineNOW site is a must-use platform for all forms of marketing & advertising. (well, that’s the plan)

Most sites we develop are focused on marketing, tourism, ‘soft’ news & community events. and are two examples of that strategy. Our new launch of is geared toward the rebirth & re-invention of Atlantic City….through the eyes of new business development.

BrigantineNOW readers love following political squabbles as that beautiful town just north of Atlantic City evolves into a high-end, summer-only community with minimal retail & attractions.



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