Hyper-Local gets Hyper-Competitive

Hyper local networks are popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, most struggle due to lack of cash flow and profitability. While their content and editorial oversight are quite strong, most lack sales and revenue expertise. This critical shortcoming allows other players to potentially take advantage, and swoop in with their own network that comes complete with a solid sales and revenue plan.

In Sacramento, the local newspaper finally woke up to the fact that a hyper-local network; SLOAN, was gaining advertiser and reader support in their own backyard. So now the city has it’s second local ad network: SacramentoConnect, courtesy of the Sacramento Bee.

Below is updated overview of the Hyper-local plan we’re following, that is showing early signs of success.

New sections include:

  • Should I partner with the local Newspaper?
  • Should I work for Patch?

HyperLocal News.Incubator UPDATED 8.3.2010

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