I-92 Rock of the 80’s

From Philly Radio Archives:

After a nice run, WIFI-92 was a failing top 40 radio station in 1982. So….in early 1983, the station called in consultant Rick Carroll who had transformed Los Angeles’ KROQ into a Southern California ratings success.

With much fanfare and press coverage, Carroll attempted to replicate his “Rock of the 80’s” New Wave format in Philadelphia by dramatically changing the station’s sound and bringing in DJs such as Mel Toxic and Lee Paris. The station was referred to as “I-92.” 

Rick Carroll
Rick Carroll

On-Air DJ’s

  • The Radio Radical ( Tim Dougherty )
  • Bill ‘E’ ( Mike Brophy )
  • Mo-Hawk  ( Andre Gardner )
  • Mel Toxic ( Mel Taylor / John Jurgaitis )
  • Lee Paris  ( Lee Salmons )
  • Cathy Cummings


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Here are some of the songs we played ALOT at I-92 

  1. Is there Something I Should Know?- Duran Duran
  2. Safety Dance – Men Without Hats
  3. Every Breath You Take – Police
  4. In A Big Country – Big Country
  5. Church of the Poison Mind – Culture Club
  6. Let’s Dance – David Bowie
  7. Mad World – Tears for Fears
  8. Major Tom (Coming Home) – Peter Schilling
  9. Union of the Snake – Duran Duran
  10. I Confess – English Beat
  11. Do You Really Want to Hurt me? – Culture Club
  12. Modern Love – David Bowie
  13. Burning Down the House – Talking Heads
  14. New Year’s Day U2
  15. Our House – Madness
  16. I’ll Tumble 4 Ya – Culture Club
  17. King of Pain – Police
  18. Jeopardy – Greg Kihn Band
  19. One Thing Leads to Another – Fixx
  20. 99 Luft Balloons – Nena
  21. Make A Circuit With Me – Polecats
  22. Swear – Tim Scott
  23. Karma Chameleon – Culture Club
  24. Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics
  25. Pale Shelter – Tears for Fears
  26. Save it for Later – English Beat
  27. She Blinded Me with Science – Thomas Dolby
  28. Living on the Ceiling – Blancmange
  29. Miss Me Blind – Culture Club
  30. Gigolo – Barbie & the Kens
  31. Talking in Your Sleep – Romantics
  32. The One Thing – INXS
  33. The Lovecats – Cure
  34. Cool Places – Sparks and Jane Wiedlin
  35. China – Red Rockers
  36. Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) – Icicle Works
  37. Whammy Kiss – B-52’S
  38. Saved by Zero – Fixx
  39. Synchronicity – Police
  40. Change – Tears for Fears
  41. Rebel Yell – Billy Idol
  42. Let’s Go to Bed – Cure
  43. Lifeline – Spandau Ballet
  44. The Reflex – Duran Duran
  45. Blue Monday – New Order
  46. Shiny Shiny – Haysi Fantayzee
  47. The Politics of Dancing – Reflex
  48. Lies – Thompson Twins
  49. China Girl – David Bowie
  50. Legal Tender – B-52’s
  51. Radio Waves – OMD
  52. Send Me An Angel – Real Life
  53. Radio Free Europe – REM
  54. Der Kommisar – Falco
  55. Let Me Go – Heaven 17
  56. Dr. Detroit – Devo
  57. It’s A Mug’s Game- Soft Cell
  58. Love My Way – Psychedelic Furs
  59. Doot Door – Freur
  60. Wishing (I Had A Photograph of You) – A Flock of Seagulls
  61. White Lines – Grandmaster Flash
  62. Buffalo Gals – Malcolm Mclaren
  63. Oblivious – Aztec Camera
  64. All You Ever Think About is Sex – Sparks
  65. Nowhere Girl – B Movie
  66. Shock the Monkey – Peter Gabriel
  67. Young Guns (Go for It) – Wham!
  68. Communication – Spandau Ballet
  69. This is Not a Love Song – PIL
  70. Too Shy – Kajagoogoo
  71. Telephone Operator – Pete Shelley
  72. (Keep Feeling) Fascination – Human League
  73. Red Skies – Fixx
  74. Just Got Lucky – Jo-Boxers


6 thoughts on “I-92 Rock of the 80’s”

  1. The only time I ever listen to the radio religiously. Short lived. I lived in New Jersey and this station had a weak signal for me but I loved it.

  2. Having successfully transformed a 200 watt mono community radio station (WCSD = we can’t stop drinking) in the basement of a suburban Philly Police Station from the brink of a 4th impending Bankruptcy – couldn’t pay their utility bills – to self sufficient for 20+ years via an upgraded music catalogue & heavy rotation of way cool lo-cal music acts, 1-92 in 1983 had been the only radio station in the nation worth working for. At least in terms of as a replacement for my career in medicine. Had a burgeoning family with an impending divorce & my hot rod & a paid-off cash split level to navigate as well. LA was not a choice. By the time I put a tidy CV and suitable Air Check together – BOOM! As Lee Paris had been wont to say before his untimely 1986 suicide, “We put the dinosaurs to shame, baby!”

  3. FeelingOldTheseDays

    I remember this station…I-92 was a bit refreshing. I was already listening to “new music” on college radio (WXPN, WKDU, WTSR) but was frustrated by the weak signals. I-92 came in pretty clear where I was in South Jersey. I remember having a crush on Cathy Cummings even though I had never seen her! She sure sounded pretty though. Eh…the teenage years. Anyone know what became of her?

  4. I’m feeling like I’m remembering this right: sitting in my mother’s Buick, 14 years old, in line at the drive through lane of Downingtown National Bank on Route 100 in Lionville, listening to some top 40 nonsense on 92.5 fm and all of a sudden Devo came on. And the. Devo again. Like four or five songs in a row? Kicked in the fucking head.

  5. I grew up in the Washington D,C area and had just moved back from living in the Boston area for three years so l had plenty of exposure to progressive radio. I landed a job in southern N.J in May of 83 this was one of the best if not the best radio stations l had ever heard…….and then it was gone……….

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