Keynotes & Speaker Topics

Speaking Topics

Keynotes & Speaker Topics

Mel Taylor & Get Smart Digital can keynote your next event. Workshops, seminars and training focused on DIGITAL is our specialty. Custom topics on request. Some sample topics:

Local Media Re-invention in the Digital Age 

Lower costs, higher efficiency and a brighter future for your TV, Radio or Newspaper property. Step-by-step, proven instruction in recreating your local media company. This session is not for the thin skinned.

  • Re-invention of your Radio, TV or Newspaper Org.
  • What direction should I go in? How do I start the process?
  • Using the Internet & other digital tools
  • Dealing with foot-draggers
  • How to hire your future
  • The Social Media Scam
  • Outsourcing and virtual employees

Career Preparation & Re-invention in the Digital Age 

In this hyper-competitive marketplace, downsizing & pay cuts are the norm. Demand for some older skill-sets will not return to past levels. This session is for those who want to supercharge, or completely change their career. Those rebounding from a lay-off, students ready to graduate, or those getting back into the workplace will also benefit from this very popular session.

  • Career & life re-invention
  • What direction should I go in? How do I start the process?
  • Using the Internet & other digital tools for advancement
  • Self-improvement & personal motivation
  • Thriving in downsized, hyper-competitive job market

Internet Common Sense for the Executive

As a business owner or company executive, keeping up with the latest communications tools is a mandatory and fast moving part of the job. With the explosion of the Internet and other digital platforms, choosing the right tool and how to properly use it, could prove to be a daunting task.

  • Overview of top, social & digital networking techniques
  • Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, YouTube, Mobile, blogs
  • Effectively use of tools for maximum impact
  • Common pitfalls to avoid

Digital Resume; Using Linked-in to find a Great Job

The employment market is tight. How do you stand out and increase your chance of landing that job? This session is for those rebounding from a lay-off, getting back into the workplace, or those looking to change careers. Recent or soon-to be graduates will also benefit. It’s time to super-charge your career! Session topics include:

  • Setting up & maximizing your Linked-in page
  • How companies look for, and evaluate potential employees
  • Avoiding the biggest online mistakes of job seekers
  • Using Facebook, Twitter and blogs to position yourself as an industry expert

Google, Facebook & Twitter for Small Business

50% of small business owners still don’t take full advantage of no-cost Internet marketing tools. In this powerful session, we’ll share step by step instructions on how to use these free tools to increase phone calls, foot traffic and sales for your business. Session topics include:

  • Social Media Marketing: Pros & Cons
  • Understanding basic online advertising terms
  • Getting found on Google; simple search tips
  • Fixing common website mistakes
  • Grow your following, monitor & respond to customers
  • Social media guidelines for your employees

Small Business Websites using WordPress

  • Understanding WordPress publishing platforms
  • Templates & themes
  • Hosting options
  • Widgets & plug-ins
  • SEO, Search engine optimization

Using Popular Business Productivity tools

  • Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • Online Storage:  DropBox & Google Drive
  • Video Recording: Camtasia & Screenr
  • Email: Gmail, MailChimp, Aweber
  • Google for Business: Docs, Calendar, Places, Google Voice
  • Online Conferencing:,,