Las Vegas Sun Cans Curley

Man-child and digital guru; Rob Curley, is out at the Las Vegas Sun. After four years of building really cool stuff that no one could sell, an era is over in Sin City. Bleeding non-stop red ink… knew it just had to happen. Even deep-pocketed owner; Brian Greenspun, has financial limits.

Rob Curley Las Vegas Sun Mel Taylor
I am not amused by Rob Curley at America East

As predicted, even award-winning talent will get the boot if they can’t turn a profit. ‘Build it and they will come’ doesn’t work so well on the web. Tell that to your newsroom and they’ll start to stomp their feet and scream. But with Curley retreating back to the mid-west, it’s another big signal that the once mighty are losing their grip. ( Borrell, Jarvis, Kelsey, SNA, Inland Press, etc. )

Here’s the presentation I used last year at America East in Hershey. I invited Rob Curley to do the session with me. It was all about money. Curley was not amused by my questioning.

Mel Taylor vs. Rob Curley: Digital Cage Match

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