Let’s Beat the Halifax Paywall

Michael Redding Halifax Paywall
Michael Redding Readies for Halifax Paywall

Local newspaper and broadcast employees are freaking out. This damn Inter-web thingy continues to disrupt their careers and ability to feed their families. Thanks to this digital demon, future earnings potential and employability are also in decline.

Loyal and hardworking executives quietly pray that management has a clue about saving the sinking ship of local media. Patience is running out and innovation committees are stumped. The best most can do is erect a last-gasp pay wall.

Speaking of business killing strategy, we hear that Halifax Media will adopt paywalls and will soon start to charge readers for access to their sites. That’s not just bad news for readership, but it really stinks for the Internet sales staff at Halifax.

Sales reps will weep openly in the streets as they watch page-views and visitors plummet. Independent sites will pop up all over the place to fill the void. It’s gonna get ugly.

That’s why Mel Taylor Media would like to offer our services FREE of charge to any serious competitor to a Halifax Newspaper. We’ll show you how to take advantage of that prime opportunity.

You’ll love our hyper-local publishing & marketing system that features WordPress and a portfolio of revenue-focused email, seo, social, and video tools.

The only thing we ask is that you’re serious…. and you’ll allow us to fully document this project. Trust us, this will be fun and it will work.

Take a look at one of our pay-wall pounding projects that leverages low cost and open source tools like WordPress, Vimeo and Aweber: www.BrigantineNOW.com

Want to be considered? Contact us via the form below. We’ll be in touch.  [contact-form] [contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” required=”true” /] [contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”true” /] [contact-field label=”Phone Number” type=”url” required=”true” /] [contact-field label=”Why you think you can beat Halifax:” type=”textarea” required=”true” /] [/contact-form]

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