Local TV Website Revenue Review. Sept 2013

After all these years of trying, is local TV finally doing a good job with hyper-local digital sales? Hell no. Most local TV stations, as well as Radio and Newspaper, are still leaving a ton of web revenue on the table.

Even though most are increasing online revenue, these numbers are coming off of minuscule comps. Ex: Some boast of increasing web revenue by 100% …but they don’t tell you they only went from $20,000 to $40,000 in annual web revenue. Other numbers hidden from view: market share and the lack of a separate P& L.

Need a little more proof? Just watch this video for a small peek at the questionable state of affairs inside the offices of a local TV station.

  1. Ad Mix
  2. Advertiser freindly
  3. Rep Knowledge
  4. Media Kit
  5. Pricing & Inventory

But hey, don’t just think this Lansing TV station is the only one dropping the ball. 75% of local media operations we monitor, stink just as bad.

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