My Hyper-Local tech Stack powered by wordpress

Here’s some of the digital hardware and software we use to manage our Hyper-Local News & Marketing company. As of Dec. 2, 2022.

Well-tested by me. Recommended. Great quality at nice price. Companies with excellent track record, great customer service too.

It’s the magic behind websites like:

Hosting: Cloudways & WPengine

Website theme / Platform / CMS: WordPress. Astra. Elementor. Gutenberg. Spectra. Bricks.

Audio Editing: Hindenburg

Video Capture & Editing: Camtasia

Primary Social Media: Twitter $8

Image Creation: Canva

Live Streaming and Video recording platform: Streamyard

Primary video hosting: Vimeo

Podcast service: Blubrry

Audio Posts: Twitter SPACES

Mixing board, Audio Interface: RODECASTER PRO II

Mic: RE320, Mic Arm: RODE

IDEA Collecting: Google KEEP (free) and Evernote (paid)

Voice to Text: Google KEEP.

Email marketing: Mailer-lite

Video camera: Elgato Face Cam

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