NAA: Newspaper Website Strategy

Speaking with Enrico Burden of

In cooperation with Blog Talk Radio, I spoke with some heavy hitters in the Newspaper industry at a recent NAA Conference

We discussed their current web efforts.

  • Dan Shorter; President of Minneapolis Star Tribune, Interactive. Formerly the GM of the Palm Beach post, Dan recently got lured to Minneapolis. He’s one of the most respected Newspaper people in the online space, and Mr. Shorter shares his thoughts on the fast changing Newspaper environment, and how he’s gonna fit another award on his mantle!  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
  • Howard Owens; Former Director of Digital Publishing, Gatehouse Media. (current publisher of Howard recollects the NAA session featuring Dean Singleton, CEO of Media News who said things like: “our readers don’t want the same newspaper we’ve been putting out over the past 30 years.’ Howard also discusses the 12 things journalists can do to save journalism.   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
  • Allison Sholly; Former VP/GM, Chicago Tribune Interactive. Allison describes sales structure and compensation, as well as the Trib’s success in the online video space. And because we had so much fun doing this Radio-like webcast, Allison and I discuss whether we should do a DJ morning show together.  Here is the podcast recording of my conversation with Allison Sholly.

Also spoke with folks like:

  • Chris Tolles; CEO of TOPIX
  • Bob Kellagher; COO Calkins Interactive
  • Walker Fenton; NewsGator
  • Jay Small; Scripps GM of Interactive
  • Shannon Dunnigan; Director Online Revenue, Gatehouse Media

Click here to hear all interviews I did, using

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