Newspapers winning with Local Online Video


“Print folks see the future and are scrambling to take the high ground, while TV sits on it’s thumb….. thinking they already own it”.

That’s a killer quote from a new found friend of mine; Cyndy Green. Click here to read her blog on video journalism.

Indeed, TV may be a bit too confident in it’s ability to win online with video. Re-purposing last night’s report from a warehouse fire…ain’t gonna cut it. Could local broadcasters be too dependent on big cameras and pretty reporters?

Also…..Click video above to watch just how serious newspapers are in regards to online video. BEET TV interviews a former TV broadcaster, who is now the VP/GM of the New York Times website.

2 thoughts on “Newspapers winning with Local Online Video”

  1. I agree with the overall newspaper versus TV point, but as I’ve blogged on my site, newspapers need to do a better job in distributing their video (and telling readers where they can find it. For example, did you know the New York Times is on YouTube?) and in leveraging the benefits of video sharing sites like YouTube, Veoh or Blip.TV. You can find more of my thoughts on video at:

  2. At and (websites of The Virginian-Pilot newspaper in Norfolk, Va.), our video strategy hinges on Vivian’s final comment: Providing Internet video that’s somehow different from typical TV fare. Whether it’s cell-phone-video from a newspaper reporter on the scene or highly-produced storytelling from a tv-trained videojournalist, we’re just trying to serve the local community in new ways with a new medium.

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