OK for media to conspire against candidate?

Why mainstream media, especially newspapers, have lost their once loyal audience. Market dominance. over 75% read the paper everyday. But no more.

Trust in corporate media now at an all-time low.

In the webcast interview above, pundit Sam Harris ok with media openly conspiring to keep someone out of political office.

Sam Harris made clear: no matter how bad Joe Biden, Kamala Harris or Hillary Clinton are, the media must do everything to keep Trump out of office.

Geez. Trump Derangement Syndrome is more than just a meme.

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No matter how damning the evidence. Hunter Biden’s laptop or President Joe Biden’s Ukraine deals. Doesn’t matter how bad an elected official was or still is…. we must keep Trump and those who support orange man bad, out of office. By any means necessary.

No longer reporters of news within their community.

Woke journalists inject biased activism within many of their stories.

You pushed away half your readers. Violence and looting. You called it peaceful protesting.

Pandemic of the un-vaccinated. White people are racist. Men are rapists. Gender affirming care. Themes amplified by you, a compliant media.

Even schools and places of worship hopped on board the Woke Express.

Newsrooms forgot. 50% of their subscribers have a different political opinion.

It wasn’t just the Internet that killed newspapers. It was the deep arrogance of those who ran these publishing orgs. Those with control of the editorial narrative.

Instead of reviving the industry and saving fragile careers, it’s more important to virtue signal. Even if that signaling hurts me.

Opinion no longer on the editorial page. Today, it’s on the front-page. And almost everywhere.

Harris: Even with irrefutable proof of Biden corruption, anything is better than Trump.

Editors Note: Once trusted industry consultants, journalism professors and trade magazines are social justice warriors. Elite, pied-pipers leading the industry into a dark, deep hole.

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